Stand out to employers and payors for your commitment to inclusive care.

Stand out to employers and payors for your commitment to inclusive care.

With Violet’s new Inclusivity Scorecard, organizations can effortlessly grow their business while attracting values-aligned employers and payors. Show your commitment to health equity by highlighting the collective cultural competencies of your care delivery team.


  • One-click export. Export real-time workforce skilling and diversity insights from your Violet dashboard in seconds.
  • Inclusivity. Consolidate provider Benchmarks for a summary of your organization's capacity to deliver culturally responsive care to BIPOC, LGBQ, and TGNC communities.
  • Workforce diversity. Get an accurate overview of the culturally diverse identities represented within your care delivery team.
  • Quality improvement initiatives. Showcase your team’s commitment to improving care quality through Violet’s cultural competence training. Detailed stats include courses completed, hours learning, CE/CME credits earned, and most popular courses.
  • Co-branded design. Violet’s Inclusivity Scorecard is professional, polished and RFP ready. We auto-populate your organization name alongside Violet’s award-winning branding and include instructions for how to interpret the report, eliminating the need to enlist design resources.

Everybody wants identity-centered care.

Employers and payors are seeking to ensure their benefits solutions and networks are meeting the needs of an increasingly diverse population. Leading care delivery organizations have partnered with Violet to ensure that patients’ unique cultural identities are considered during all aspects of care. 

Leveraging Violet Benchmarks, the first standardized measure of provider cultural competence in health care, organizations are equipped with objective skilling insights that are essential to identity-centered care delivery. 

We’re constantly validating our data, and can proudly report that the utilization of Violet Benchmarks to care coordination resulted in reduced time to care, enhanced patient-provider match success, improved adherence rates, and an impressive 14% increase in retention rates – all of which are indicative of better health outcomes.

Benefits of Violet’s Inclusivity Scorecard: 

  • Concisely articulate the quantifiable inclusivity of your care delivery team with confidence when responding to RFPs.
  • Share your success with existing employer and payer partners to showcase your tremendous progress building a diverse team and upskilling them to be inclusive. 
  • Quickly assess the cultural competencies of your care delivery team at a glance, and easily showcase your team wins to internal stakeholders, or use it to build trust with prospective and existing patients.
  • Minimize administrative burdens and demonstrate compliance with state and federal regulations.
  • Showcase and celebrate your team’s dedication to improving care quality with detailed education completion stats.

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