Culturally competent care is a human right -- help your
access it.

Discover opportunities to deliver culturally competent care without changing your provider network(s).

Queer Competent Care

At Violet, we believe culturally competent care substantially improves clinical outcomes by leveraging strong provider + patient relationships.

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A DATA Problem

By 2045, more than 50% of Americans will be a member of at least one underserved community, and they can't access culturally competent care. 

Your existing network is diverse; let's leverage data to help members access the right care for them.

a human Solution

We’ll publicly recognize the culturally competent clinicians within your existing provider network(s) so your members can find the right provider. 

Culturally competent care results in better patient engagement, experience, and clinical outcomes.


How it works

There’s numerous ways to connect your members to culturally competent care -- leveraging custom provider networks or data about your existing providers. We leverage data to benchmark the cultural competencies within your network.

  • We aggregate and evaluate important data about each provider's identities, professional experience, education, and more.
  • We derive useful insights from this data and assign badges to the best providers for each community (e.g. TGNC Competency, LGBTQIA+ Competency, etc.). 
  • These badges allow your members to find the best providers based on their identities and clinical needs.

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