Culturally competent care is a human right.

Start delivering inclusive health care to your patients.

A data problem.

Culturally diverse patients can’t find the inclusive care they deserve, even though 50% of Americans will be a member of at least one culturally diverse community by 2045.

A human solution.

Violet benchmarks and publicly recognizes the cultural competence of your care delivery team(s), allowing your patients to find the right team member for them. We also partner on educating your team to continuously learn and grow, and deliver the health care that they want to deliver.

Inclusive care results in better patient engagement, experiences, and health outcomes. Provide your patients the health care they deserve.

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Video of Violet founder and CEO Gaurang Choksi explaining Violet's product

How it works


We collect and analyze important data about each provider's identities, professional experiences, education, and more to learn about their cultural competence.

Our benchmarking yields useful insights, which are turned into cultural competence badges for the providers that are best suited to work with various culturally diverse communities. These badges allow your patients to find the right provider(s) for them.


Our benchmarking also identifies where there are strengths and growth opportunities for delivering inclusive health care within your team. We use these learnings to upskill your providers with curated continuing education on delivering inclusive health care.



In addition to our benchmarks connecting patients to the right care for them, our platform enables provider organizations to reach new patients and retain more of these patients by care routing more effectively. Inclusive health care builds better relationships, resulting in happier and healthier patients.

A platform made with clinicians at top of mind.

Our platform helps health care organizations benchmark cultural competence and provides education to your care team, ultimately allowing patients to access the inclusive care they deserve.