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Violet Benchmarks are the first standardized measure of provider cultural competence, unlocking the potential of identity-centered care delivery.

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The need

Health inequities cannot be solved by diverse providers alone.


Due to systemic barriers, there aren’t enough culturally diverse providers to meet the needs of diverse patients. And relying solely on diverse providers to serve their community is setting them up for burnout.


To recognize the providers who have the ability to work with diverse patients, we need a clear way to measure cultural competence skills beyond lived experience.

The solution

Violet standardized cultural competence.

Our evidence-based proprietary framework was developed by Violet's in-house clinical and research teams using decades worth of scientific literature.

By using this standardized framework comprised of five key pillars, we’re able to offer a more comprehensive assessment of provider cultural competence.

How we validated Violet Benchmarks.
Verified Inclusive Health ProviderSelf EfficacyCommunities of InterestLived ExperienceEducationWork experience
Communities of focus

Addressing inequities in diverse communities.

Violet assesses provider cultural competence in delivering care to communities that routinely experience the consequences of systemic health inequities.

Racial inequities in health care.

In an October 2020 poll, 7 of 10 Black Americans say they’re treated unfairly by the health care system and 55% percent say they distrust it.

Source: The Commonwealth Fund


Sexual orientation inequity.

6 out of 10 LGBTQ+ youth said that someone attempted to convince them to change their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Source: The Trevor Project


Gender identity inequity.

1 in 3 transgender patients had to teach their doctor about transgender individuals in order to receive appropriate care.

Source: The Trevor Project

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Violet provides digital health organizations, hospitals, and health plans with impactful marketing solutions to attract values-aligned employer and payor partners. Violet’s RFP-ready Inclusivity Scorecard delivers an overview of real-time workforce skilling and diversity insights alongside quality improvement initiatives, while our Verified Inclusive Organization seal serves as tangible recognition of your organization’s commitment to inclusive care.

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