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Violet education is made possible by experts and community leaders in health care and DEIB.

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Violet educators ensure our content is at the cutting edge of clinical thinking. Violet’s Clinical Review Board leads our efforts.

This year, we formed Violet’s Clinical Review Board. The board has the right expertise, values, and personal background to properly oversee Violet’s education for providers seeking to deliver high-quality, culturally responsive care to BIPOC and LGBTQ+ patients.

Introducing Violet's 2023 Clinical Review Board.


Mona Eshaiker, LMFT

Dr. Jessica Jackson

Tesiah Coleman, MSN

Sofía Webb, MSW, LSW, CTP

Dr. Marcella Raimondo

Dr. Deann Butler

Dr. Kimmy Fleming Pedersen

Dr. Jack Bartel

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Beyond proprietary education, Violet also offers accredited coursework from institutions like the Fenway Institute, the American Medical Association, Think Cultural Health, and the American Psychiatric Association.

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