Why we started Violet.

Why we started Violet.

I’m Gaurang, Founder and CEO here at Violet. I started this company because I was disappointed in our healthcare system. Often, I was sent to clinicians that didn’t understand me, as a gay man and as an immigrant, or how these identities shaped my experience. I was frustrated with not being able to ask the questions I wanted to ask, and I found having to advocate and explain my identities disheartening. More importantly, I was angry from seeing my friends, family, and community face this same lack of identity-centered healthcare.

To address this problem, I started Violet. 

We’re a team of culturally diverse folx that have experienced the pain of culturally-incompetent care. That’s why we’re improving access to culturally competent clinical teams, by building the world’s first benchmarking, upskilling, and marketing platform for cultural competence. Our platform takes the time to truly understand the human behind each clinician -- what patients they’ve worked with, what they’ve studied, who they are, and more. This process provides a benchmark of their cultural competence, awarding badges to those who demonstrate awareness, proficiency or excellence with specific communities. Each clinician is then connected with curated education on delivering inclusive care to improve or maintain their competence. 

Our mission at Violet is:

Creating more human, identity-centered healthcare.

Every patient deserves to see a clinical team that understands their culture and identities as well as their clinical needs. That’s why we’re working within the healthcare system to make culturally competent care easier for patients to access. 

We look forward to supporting you on your journey. 

Gaurang Choksi

Founder & CEO 

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