Why we started Violet

Learn why we started Violet, and how we're changing the healthcare system.


I’m Gaurang, Founder & CEO at Violet. I started Violet because I was disappointed in our healthcare system that often sent me to providers that didn’t understand me -- a queer, male, immigrant. I was frustrated with not being able to ask the questions I wanted to ask and was disheartened by having to advocate for my identities. More importantly, I was angry. I was angry from seeing my friends, family, and community face the same problem as me over and over again. -- which I saw often having spent years building Oscar Health, a health Insurance company.

To address this problem, I started Violet. 

We’re a team of queer folx, who know the pain of culturally-incompetent care first-hand. We’re defining what it means to be culturally competent and improving access to culturally competent providers. We’re doing this by building the nation’s first “credit score” for cultural competency. 

We evaluate each of our providers on what they’ve studied, where they’ve worked, which communities they belong to, and more. This evaluation allows us to identify the cultural competencies of each provider. This evaluation also enables us to: 

- Empower under served folx like you and me to access the healthcare that we deserve, where providers see and advocate for us. 

- Empower providers to learn and become more culturally competent.

- Empower the healthcare industry to standardize, recognize, and reward cultural competence. 

In addition to finding you the very best mental healthcare providers, we’re also here to advocate for you and support you on your mental health journey. Finding the perfect fit, working out how to pay for care, and staying in care. We understand that one size does not fit all and that we need to tailor care to your identities and needs. 

With Violet, you’re able to get all of your questions answered without judgment or stigma. We’re with you throughout your healthcare journey, ensuring you access the care you deserve -- culturally competent healthcare. After all, the future of healthcare is culturally competent care.

We look forward to supporting you on your journey. 

-- Gaurang