Our partnership with NOCD.

Our partnership with NOCD.

We’re excited to announce that NOCD, the world’s leading provider of obsessive compulsive-disorder (OCD) treatment, has chosen Violet as a partner to deliver more culturally inclusive care to their patients. With the wide range of races, cultures, and identities that are seeking behavioral health care, having training that supports the development of trust with their therapist and improves patient communication adds to one of NOCD’s core values — delivering personalized care.

NOCD is the leading behavioral health provider delivering effective, affordable, and convenient Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) therapy to end the global OCD crisis. NOCD virtually treats patients in all 50 states, the UK, Australia and 6 provinces in Canada. NOCD therapists come from across the US and Canada, treating both children and adults. They understand that treatment first starts with the development of trust and respect of a patient’s  beliefs, backgrounds, and orientations.

NOCD’s member-first mission aligns with our values of achieving health equity through providing inclusive care. 

“NOCD is doubling down on our team’s skills and investing in not only their own growth as a provider but also in the success of our members by being able to further our capacity to understand the specific needs of each individual. Together, NOCD and Violet will work to prove that by standardizing and measuring inclusive care among therapists, NOCD will be able to provide even more personalized, identity-centered care journeys that will ultimately lead to better patient outcomes.” Stephen Smith, co-founder and CEO of NOCD.

For the full press release, see here.

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