What does it mean to be a Verified Inclusive Health Provider?

At Violet, we recognized that there was no standard measurement or definition of cultural competence for health care providers – so we built it!

Inclusive Health Provider

When a health care organization has been verified as inclusive by Violet, it means that we’ve individually assessed its providers to determine their competence levels delivering care to culturally diverse communities.


Once we have these initial Benchmarks, we provide extensive training and education to ensure that providers keep their patients' identities top of mind and communicate appropriately when administering treatment.

Violet Seal

After collecting this information on individual providers, we use these scores in the aggregate to determine if an organization meets the criteria to be officially verified as inclusive.

What goes in?

Communities they or their immediate family belong to.

Communities they’ve worked with directly.

Communities they’ve studied in depth.

Self reported confidence in serving specific communities.

Communities they’ve expressed interest in working more closely with.

Intersectionality is at the heart of our mission. Better health outcomes are our goal.

Our framework takes into account that each person seeking care may identify with multiple identities. We know that possessing culturally appropriate clinical skills and empathizing with all of a patient’s needs surrounding their identity ultimately leads to better health outcomes.

We’ve chosen to focus on the specific communities most affected by health inequity in this country, those of which intersect race, gender, and sexual orientation.

PatientMom and child

We want to hear from you.

If you’re a patient seeking care, tell us what communities or topics you ideally want your providers to be well versed in.