Arise x Violet: Committed to inclusive care from the start.

Arise x Violet: Committed to inclusive care from the start.

Arise has a clear message: “Eating disorders can affect anyone.”

This is the reason for Arise launching virtual care for all people healing from eating disorders.

They understand that people of all identities and backgrounds experience eating disorders and deserve affirming, respectful care delivered by supportive providers.

That’s why Arise is partnering with Violet.

Violet is the first health equity platform, helping organizations deliver inclusive care for all patients. They partner with leading health care organizations, like Northwell Health, Brightline, and Headway, to provide clinicians with continuing education in cultural competence.

Even before launching in 2022, Arise secured a partnership with Violet to establish eating disorder care that is inclusive of all identities and grounded in cultural sensitivity. Since anyone can have an eating disorder, Arise is creating a platform that can work for every patient.

Arise is caring for the patients often missed during eating disorder diagnoses:

  • Only 6 percent of people with eating disorders are medically underweight.
  • 50 percent of LGBTQIA+ people report eating disorder behaviors.
  • It’s 25 percent less likely for cisgender Black women to be diagnosed with the same symptoms as cisgender white women.
  • The highest rate of eating disorders is among cisgender females aged 20 to 39, even more than among teenagers.

Arise is working with its dedicated care delivery team to have inclusivity at the heart of everything they do for members, thanks to Violet’s cultural competence training.

Violet’s founder and CEO Gaurang Choksi explained, “Arise decided to focus on its values before launch, even before it had any patients. We’re proud to partner with them and can’t wait to support their profound commitment to inclusive care delivery.”

Arise’s team of care advocates, therapists, registered dietitians, psychiatrists, and physicians are already upskilling and credentialing their cultural competence to provide all of their patients with weight-inclusive, identity-centered care.

"Eating disorders can affect anyone—so care cannot be one-size-fits-all. One of the most critical pieces of providing inclusive care is ensuring that our care teams are representative of the diverse communities we aim to support and that they are trained in delivering culturally sensitive care. We're grateful that Violet shares this deep commitment to inclusivity and for the chance to partner on this mission," said Arise’s founder and CEO Amanda D’Ambra.

Arise is here to make sure all patients experiencing eating disorders feel seen and heard. With Violet, Arise is establishing its commitment to inclusive care from the very beginning.

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