Violet partners with 25 health care organizations to build health equity.

Violet partners with 25 health care organizations to build health equity.

Thirty Madison, Headway, Octave, Galileo, TimelyCare, Arise, Parsley Health, Eden Health, and Nox Health Among the Partners Joining Violet’s Mission for Identity-Centered Care

NEW YORK, NY–Violet, the first-ever health equity platform, announced today that the company is proudly finishing the 2022 fiscal year with 25 partnerships, just six months after announcing and securing its seed round. The current number of partnerships is an increase of 225% over last year, and, of note, the new partnerships include Thirty Madison, Headway, Octave, Galileo, TimelyCare, Arise, Parsley Health, Eden Health, Ontrak, Nox Health, and more. In 2023, all of the partnering companies will continue to onboard additional clinicians, care coaches, and other providers onto Violet’s continuing education platform, to better care for millions of diverse patients.

“Violet’s portfolio of customers is diverse, representing many segments of the health care industry. What do they all have in common? These organizations choose Violet to improve their providers’ inclusive care delivery, and that is invaluable,” said Gaurang Choksi, Violet’s founder and CEO. “We’re proud to support these leading health care organizations on their mission to offer better care for diverse patients.”

Through these partnerships, Violet will onboard thousands of clinicians from Thirty Madison, Headway, Octave, Galileo, TimelyCare, Arise, Parsley Health, Eden Health, and Nox Health to credential and upskill cultural competence for improved care of BIPOC, LGBQ, and TGNC patients.

"Thirty Madison is committed to transforming specialty care across all of our brands, and there is no other platform like Violet to help us deliver culturally competent care for patients,” said Neil Parikh, MD, Chief Medical Officer at Thirty Madison. “Health care transformation should be inclusive, focusing on the needs of individual patients to improve outcomes—a core value we share with Violet."

By 2045, over half of Americans will be diverse in race, sexual orientation, gender identity, and more. Yet, health care is failing these Americans. Racial disparities alone have led to 3.5M life years lost in just 2020. Violet’s team—a group of mission-driven queer, BIPOC, and Disabled individuals—believes the solution is at the clinician level, thereby improving health outcomes and saving almost $100B in excess care spend.

Since launching in 2020, Violet offers a continuing education platform that upskills and credentials clinicians in cultural competence for better patient outcomes. Violet uses data to measure pre-existing cultural competence and improves inclusivity with tailored upskilling journeys. And, as providers are excelling, Violet offers real-time skilling data back to their partners to power identity-centered care matching. Violet’s customers are continuing to prove the impact of inclusive care with improved patient retention rates and health outcomes.

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Violet is the first cultural competence credentialing and upskilling platform for clinicians. Research shows that inclusive care is proven to generate better health outcomes and Violet’s credentialing platform is the first step to building health equity for all. For more information on Violet, please visit:


Thirty Madison is a family of specialized healthcare brands devoted to creating exceptional outcomes for all. Each of its brands is focused on specific chronic conditions, thoughtfully designed to support the unique needs of its community with personalized care and treatment: Keeps for men's hair loss, Cove for migraine, Picnic for allergies, Facet for skin conditions, and NURX for women's health. With empathy at the heart of its innovation, its proprietary care model empowers hundreds of thousands of people with ongoing conditions with accessible, effective treatments across a lifetime of care. For more information on Thirty Madison, please visit:


Headway is building the first asset-free national network of therapists who accept insurance. This helps therapists build their practices while helping individuals find great care they can afford. For more information about Headway, please visit:


Octave is a digital mental health solution focused on improving the emotional well-being of patients through therapy, groups, and workshops, led by expert providers who are focused on each patient’s specific needs. For more information about Octave, please visit:


Galileo provides patients with 24/7 mobile access to medical care and expertise. From prescription renewals to medical mysteries to chronic care management, Galileo’s team of doctors is available to care for every patient’s needs, whether small or large. For more information about Galileo, please visit:


Colleges and universities trust TimelyCare to provide complete clinical care, advanced technology, and expert guidance to develop a hybrid model of care designed to keep students engaged—and in school. For more information about TimelyCare, please visit:


Arise is a virtual care platform for all people healing from eating disorders. For more information about Arise, please visit:


Parsley Health is a virtual care platform. Patients can access a best-in-class medical team, member portal, and clinically-proven symptom tracker, which displays progress and access notes, health plans, test results, and in-depth information about patient health. For more information about Parsley Health, please visit:


Eden Health is a virtual care platform for employee health. Eden Health supports employers by keeping teams productive and healthy with personalized, full-spectrum primary care, mental health care, and insurance benefit navigation. For more information about Eden Health, please visit:


Nox Health is a global sleep health leader on a mission to transform the way people sleep all over the world. Nox Health is the first end-to-end, screening-to-treatment solution, powered by science, imagination, and ever-present care. For more information about Nox Health, please visit:

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