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Violet is empowering health care organizations to quantify cultural competence and better showcase their commitment to delivering quality, inclusive care.



As of 2024, nearly half of employers will require vendors and plans to report on health equity measures. While patient data collection and predictive AI tools are driving real progress, there’s still a notable gap  in understanding those who are responsible for delivering care—particularly their ability to meet the evolving needs of a culturally diverse population and workforce.

Source: 2024 Large Employers Health Care Strategy Survey, Business Group on Health


Violet’s Inclusivity Analytics provide organizations with objective insights that leverage claims intelligence to assess provider cultural competencies across regions, networks, and service areas, further allowing the direct reconciliation with the unique health care needs of specific employee populations.

Violet Network Inclusivity
What we provide
  • Proprietary benchmarking analytics
  • Provider insights available instantly
  • Dynamic interactive dashboards
  • Tailored employer reporting
  • Versatile reports for RFPs, internal comms and more
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Build a diverse and inclusive provider network.

Assess the cultural competencies, demographics, and language proficiencies of your network to ensure that it meets the needs of culturally diverse patient populations.

Leverage data to accelerate health equity initiatives.

Drive initiatives that expand access and quality by unlocking essential provider data and identifying cultural competence and language access gaps in your network.

Secure a competitive advantage.

Violet's advanced analytics and reporting incorporates provider cultural competence, market, and population data to deliver a customized inclusivity assessment tailored to a defined service area or population, so you can equip your sales team with the insights to stand out from the competition.


Ensure equitable access for BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ communities.

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See a walkthrough of our products.
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Explore custom solutions and pricing.
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Learn about seamless integration options.