Inclusive care matching

Better patient outcomes begin with the right provider.

Violet Benchmarks offer comprehensive insights into a provider's ability to deliver identity-centered care, so patients can be connected to the right providers.

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Violet Inclusive Care Matching.

Powering inclusive care for the industry’s leading organizations.

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Violet Benchmarks

Find inclusive providers who've been there all along.

Inclusive care is more than lived experience or self-attested abilities—Violet’s cultural competence assessment gets to know your team using our proprietary benchmarking framework.

How it works
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Violet's IMPACT

Power identity-centered care journeys.

Using the most comprehensive cultural competence dataset in health care, Violet is transforming the way patient-provider matching is done.


Increased capacity for care.

Violet Benchmarks identify members of your care delivery team that have extensive training and experience treating LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC communities, and increase your organization’s capacity to deliver identity-centered care by up to 3x.


Greater patient-provider match success.

Partnering organizations have seen a 21% increase in patient-provider match success by utilizing Violet’s detailed, community-specific provider Benchmarks to navigate care.


Faster first appointment booking.

Organizations that use Violet data get patients to their first appointment 9% faster.


Patient retention rates.

After using Violet, organizations reported 2-3x better patient retention rates and patients had a 27% higher first appointment adherence rate, both of which are strong indicators of improved health outcomes.

How we do it

Violet Benchmark data powers your care navigation flows.

Seamlessly integrate our data into your existing workflows, through integrating with our robust API, downloading raw data, or utilizing our no-code option.

Power your team

API integration.

Seamlessly plug Benchmark data into existing provider profiles and scheduling tools.

CSV download. 

Retrieve our data in a user-friendly format that’s easy to analyze.

No code option.

Explore Violet data instantly using our intuitive dashboard.

Markets served

Violet helps organizations of all kinds advance equitable care.

Violet partners with a wide range of organizations, from small care delivery teams to large hospitals, systems, and enterprise clients such as employers. Our integrated suite of tools adapts to meet the unique needs of every organization regardless of size or complexity.


Want to help patients access quality, identity-centered care?

Request a demo to find out how Violet data can help your organization meet health equity goals.

See a walkthrough of our products.
See a walkthrough of our products.
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Explore custom solutions and pricing.
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Learn about seamless integration options.