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We’re the first platform recognizing and rewarding inclusive clinicians.

Here at Violet, we’re committed to helping clients access the identity-centered care they deserve. And, ensuring that clinicians are recognized for all their efforts towards delivering inclusive care.

Violet benchmarks and educates clinicians on delivering inclusive healthcare.

We’re partnering with MyWellbeing to help their clients access identity-centered care they deserve.

Our platform will not only help with benchmarking the cultural competencies you possess, we’re also recognizing your skills through cultural competency badges. And, ensuring you are able to continue seamlessly learning through curated clinical education.

We’re collecting information about your education, professional experience, training, and lived experience to benchmark your cultural competencies with various culturally diverse communities. We then award tiered competency badges, enabling organizations like MyWellbeing to launch identity-centered care journeys for their clients.

And, when you’re ready to grow your cultural competencies, we’re connecting you with curated education on delivering inclusive healthcare.


We'll learn about you and benchmark your cultural competencies


We'll offer you access
to curated clinical education


We'll publicly showcase your cultural competency badges

Ready to be recognized for your cultural competencies?

For being a part of the MyWellbeing community, they’re covering 20% of the price to the Violet platform.

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