Deliver more inclusive care.

Violet powers culturally competent care at scale.

BIPOC patient who presents as feminine with natural hair
Black queer patient wearing glasses and presenting as masculine
AAPI and BIPOC senior patient laughing

The health system isn't equitable for diverse patients.

Medical racism. Severe distrust in medical providers. Misdiagnoses. Lack of access to coverage. These are just a few barriers culturally diverse patients face. We believe every human deserves equitable health care. That's why we built Violet.

Black patient in hospital gown.

Inclusive care equals better health outcomes.

We need culturally competent care to close the gap for diverse communities and we're proving we can do it.


Of surveyed clinicians said their inclusivity increased, with 52% saying it increased greatly.


Life years to be saved from just racial disparities.


Patient retention when using identity-centered care-matching.


Of saved dollars in the health industry.

"This startup just raised $5.3 million to make healthcare more inclusive."
"Violet says it’s creating a new business model by merging two existing ones—a provider matching solution and an educational platform."
"Violet, a digital platform that allows clinicians to take courses to become skilled in DE&I, raised $5.3 million. Very cool idea."
"Violet raises $4.1M to enable the healthcare industry to deliver more inclusive services."

Want to help your patients access the care they deserve?

Help us address inequities in the health care system by delivering inclusive care.