Violet powers inclusive care for TimelyMD

TimelyMD and Violet have partnered to ensure patients like you are receiving the highest standard of individualized, culturally competent care.


What is cultural competence?

Cultural competence refers to a health care provider’s ability to effectively deliver care that meets the social, cultural, and linguistic needs of their patients.

Culturally competent providers:

  • Ask intake questions to fully understand a patient’s worldview, perspective, culture, lived experience and health concerns.
  • Use a collaborative approach to health assessment and treatment that is tailored to a patient’s unique identity.
  • Communicate using inclusive language, and provide necessary language services.
  • Integrate culturally relevant questions into care, including those related to immigration history, acculturation stress, intergenerational trauma, acceptable cultural approaches to healing, sexual and gender orientation, history of discrimination and more.

What is Violet?

Violet is a health equity platform that uses data to identify providers that are best equipped to deliver inclusive care to LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC patients.

We created the first ever framework to objectively quantify cultural competence in order to advance health equity. When a provider has a Benchmark, it means that we’ve individually assessed them to determine their level of competence in delivering care to culturally diverse communities.

→ Look for Violet’s Benchmark on inclusive provider profiles or organization websites!

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