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Violet offers tailored solutions to grow patient acquisition and retention, meet health equity standards, and boost provider staffing.

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Black and Indigenous women are 2 to 3 times more likely to die from complications of pregnancy and childbirth than white women (PRB).

Powering inclusive care for the industry’s leading organizations.

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Violet Benchmarks

We’ve standardized cultural competence.

Violet Benchmarks are the most comprehensive measure of a provider’s ability to deliver identity-centered care, enabling systems to unlock the inclusivity of their workforce.

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Verified Inclusive Health ProviderSelf EfficacyCommunities of InterestLived ExperienceEducationWork experience
Inclusive Care Matching
Inclusive Care Matching
Violet Inclusive Care Matching

Sophisticated provider search impacts your bottom line.

Show your patients the inclusivity of your providers in order to build brand loyalty.

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2x expanded capacity for care.

Moving beyond lived experience as a proxy for culturally competent care doubles your organization’s capacity to deliver care to an increasingly diverse patient population.

9% decrease in time to care.

Organizations that have concise, at-a-glance insights into provider cultural competence and language proficiencies get patients to their first appointment 9% faster, creating a frictionless intake experience for patients.

21% greater match success.

Partnering organizations have seen a 21% increase in patient-provider match success by utilizing Violet’s detailed, community-specific provider Benchmarks to navigate care.

3x increased patient retention & network building.

We know hospital networks prioritize keeping patients within their systems. We’re proving with our partners that we can help build inclusive, verified referral networks and nearly triple rates of retention.


We take our partnerships seriously.

Violet's team of experts is committed to helping systems achieve their desired health equity goals. We offer onboarding support and complimentary ROI research opportunities.

ROI insights.

We will work with you to define your organizational goals and measure the return on your investment in provider cultural competence data.

Health equity accreditation.

Meet the standards of NCQA and other hospital accreditations with Violet’s powerful reporting and data insights.

High touch support.

You’ll have access to a dedicated account manager that will be a single point of contact to guide the onboarding process and conduct individual strategy sessions.


Seamless integration with enterprise systems.

We know that dedicating internal resources to implement new technology can be a burden. With this in mind, we’ve done the work to ensure implementation is fast, simple, and customized.

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API integration.

Our robust API makes it possible to seamlessly plug Benchmark data into your existing software solutions.

CSV download. 

Retrieve our data in a user-friendly format that’s easy to analyze.

No code option.

Explore Violet data and gain valuable insights using our intuitive dashboard.

Cultural Competence Education
Cultural Competence Education
Violet Cultura Competence Education

Upskill providers to better serve diverse patients.

Inclusivity is an ongoing journey for all of us. That’s why Violet’s cultural competence curriculum is designed for providers as well as non-clinical staff, and beginners and experts alike.

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Personalized educational pathways.

Our sophisticated benchmarking framework allows us to meet providers at their level and ensure a personalized journey toward cultural competence.

Interactive, multimedia curriculum.

We’ve partnered with experts in the health care industry to develop a curriculum that includes case vignettes, audio diaries , video, actionable guides, quizzes, guided prompts for self-reflection, and more.

CE/CME accredited education.

Violet issues continuing education credits and downloadable certificates accepted by various national boards, such as AMA, AAPA, ACPE, APA, ASWB, and more.

Mobile-friendly, microlearning.

Our mobile-optimized courses can often be completed in 15 minutes or less, allowing providers to learn at their own pace.

Powerful reporting.

Our detailed insights offer both a holistic view of your organization’s cultural competence metrics as well as more granular clinician-level data, making it easy to track progress.


Retain and acquire skilled staff with growth opportunities.

Violet’s curriculum sits at the intersection of health equity, clinical education, and DEIB, equipping providers with actionable guidance to improve cultural responsiveness and build humility. Free access to CME is a premium benefit essential to acquiring and retaining top talent.


Stand out as a health equity leader.

Verified Inclusive Health ProviderVerified Inclusive Health Provider

Violet works with you to let the world know about your commitment to inclusive care. Partners like Brightline and NOCD proudly display our Inclusive Provider Organization badge on their website to ensure their patients and the health care industry know about their commitment to building health equity.

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Verified Inclusive Health ProviderVerified Inclusive Health Provider

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See a walkthrough of our products.
See a walkthrough of our products.
Explore custom solutions and pricing.
Explore custom solutions and pricing.
Learn about seamless integration options.
Learn about seamless integration options.