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Violet is revolutionizing care delivery by matching patients with inclusive providers, and improving outcomes by equipping providers with the skills to deliver culturally responsive care.

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Cultural Competence Education
Cultural Competence Education
Violet Cultural Competence Education

Upskill providers to better serve diverse patients.

Inclusivity is an ongoing journey for all of us. That’s why Violet’s cultural competence curriculum is designed for providers as well as non-clinical staff, and beginners and experts alike.

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Personalized educational pathways.

Our sophisticated benchmarking framework allows us to meet providers at their level and ensure a personalized journey toward cultural competence.

Interactive, multimedia curriculum.

We’ve partnered with experts in the health care industry to develop a curriculum that includes case vignettes, audio diaries , video, actionable guides, quizzes, guided prompts for self-reflection, and more.

CE/CME accredited education.

Violet offers continuing education credits and downloadable certificates accepted by various national boards, such as AMA, AAPA, ACPE, APA, ASWB, and more.

Mobile-friendly, microlearning.

Our mobile-optimized courses can often be completed in 15 minutes or less, allowing providers to learn at their own pace.

Powerful reporting.

Our detailed insights offer both a holistic view of your organization’s cultural competence metrics as well as more granular provider-level data, making it easy to track progress.

Inclusive Care Matching
Inclusive Care Matching
Violet Inclusive Care Matching

Increase patient retention with higher quality matches.

We’re challenging the idea that lived experience and self-reporting are sufficient indicators of a provider’s ability to deliver culturally responsive care. Violet Benchmarks offer deeper insight into your team's inclusivity and level of experience, making it easier to match patients with providers who can best meet their needs.

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Unlock greater capacity for care.

Violet Benchmarks identify members of your care delivery team that have extensive training and experience treating LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC communities, and increase your organization’s capacity to deliver identity-centered care by up to 3x.

Facilitate high quality matches.

Partnering organizations have seen a 21% increase in patient-provider match success by utilizing Violet’s detailed, community-specific provider Benchmarks to navigate care.

Get patients to care faster

Organizations that use Violet data get patients to their first appointment 9% faster.

Retain patients and boost adherence rates.

After using Violet, organizations reported 2-3x better patient retention rates and patients had a 27% higher first appointment adherence rate, both of which are strong indicators of improved health outcomes.


Advancing health equity is a complex job. Violet makes it easy to get started.

Don’t want to disrupt your existing workflows? We’re happy to meet your operational needs, whether that’s integrating with our robust API, downloading raw data, or utilizing our no-code option.

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Single-sign on for frictionless provider onboarding.

Save time with our secure integration and get providers onboarded faster.

Cultural competence Benchmarks generated in minutes.

We benchmark providers in under 5 minutes so they can begin upskilling right away.

Tailored integration options.

We meet your operational needs, whether that’s integrating with our robust API or using our no-code option to coordinate care.


Want to help patients access quality, identity-centered care?

Request a demo and discover how your organization can leverage the first-ever health equity platform to deliver more inclusive care.

See a walkthrough of our products.
See a walkthrough of our products.
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Explore custom solutions and pricing.
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Learn about seamless integration options.