Queer-competence x mental health

Queer-competence x mental health

About this Event

Violet Founder and CEO, Gaurang Choksi and Head of Mental Health, Kay Nikiforova join Violet provider, Sabrina Sarro for an intimate conversion about queer mental health. They discuss what queer-competent care means to them and why it matters when seeking mental health care. 

Our community deserves health care providers who not only accept and affirm us, but those that celebrate our identities and help us thrive. Queer-competent providers integrate minority stress and resilience factors into their treatment, addressing both barriers to treatment and areas in which patients are thriving. We’ll review what to look for in a therapist relationship, the importance of intersectionality, and we’ll talk about things that we can do to take care of our mental health.

About the Panelist

About Gaurang Choksi (He/Him):

Founder and CEO of Violet. Prior to building Violet, I spent 4+ years building Oscar health, a health insurance startup. At Oscar, I spent a lot of time advocating for the queer community and learning about our healthcare journey. I’m an immigrant and a gay man.These two identities have shaped the way I’ve built my professional career. I’ve always aspired to build a company that helps the communities that I care the most about—immigrants and queer folx.

About Kay Nikiforova (They/Them):

Head of Mental Health at Violet. I am a mental health and LGBTQIA+ advocate and currently pursuing my PhD in Clinical Psychology. My clinical and research interests focus on LGBTQIA+ and TGNC individuals as well those engaging in alternative sexual practices and relationship structures. My queer, genderqueer and immigrant identities greatly inform my work, as does my passion for the intersection of mental health and tech.

About Sabrina Sarro (They/Them):

Mental Health provider at Violet. Sabrina is a Black, mixed-race trans/non-binary therapist, shadow-worker, and writer. Sabrina believes psychotherapy is a collaborative, dynamic, and intentional relationship. They believe each client is the expert of their own story and narrative, and that psychotherapy exists to center, support, and illuminate that narrative and its corresponding nuances, intersections, and elements. Sabrina believes in creative, intersectional, and trauma-informed care.

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