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Violet is the first health equity platform that identifies inclusive providers, encourages growth, and enables better patient-provider matching.

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Powering inclusive care for the industry’s leading organizations.

Our Mission

Why we built Violet.

Every human deserves culturally competent care, but the health system is not equitable for culturally diverse patients. Patients from BIPOC, LGBQ, and TGNC communities face a myriad of barriers, including medical racism, misdiagnoses, lack of access to insurance, and severe distrust in medical providers. Often, the burden falls unfairly on the patient to navigate care.

"Violet raises $4.1M to enable the healthcare industry to deliver more inclusive services."

Inclusive care, powered by data.

At Violet, we believe creating a more equitable health care system begins with the provider. Our standardized cultural competence measurement, Violet Benchmarks, offers a holistic view of a provider’s skills in caring for historically underserved communities. This unlocks a suite of health equity tools to best serve your patients.

With Violet, your organization can achieve


increased patient retention rates.


increase in successful first provider match.


faster first appointment booking.


increased provider confidence caring for diverse patients.

Resulting in better health outcomes.


The cost of inequity.

Aside from the enormous human cost, health inequities drain financial resources.


Inequities in the US cost an extra $320B in 2022.

Source: Breaking the Cost Curve, Deloitte


Due to racial disparities alone, 3.5M life years were lost in 2018.

Source: The Business Case for Racial Equity, Altarum

“Our partnership with Violet has further strengthened the abilities of our coaches, clinicians, and prescribers to provide culturally inclusive care. With the help of Violet's training resources, we were able to launch our LGBTQ+ and BIPOC member experiences, and also offer provider matching by areas of expertise as it relates to diversity and inclusion."

Jason L. Herndon, Brightline

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