Min Jee has been waking up with night sweats and chest pain for the last three months. She has come to therapy with Dr. Nguyen from a referral by her primary care physician, who noted that there is nothing medically causing the chest pain. 

Upon arrival,  Dr. Nguyen notes that Min Jee seems uncomfortable. Dr. Nguyen confirms that she is pronouncing Min Jee’s name correctly, and Min Jee offers her English name, Grace.  Dr. Nguyen asks which name she prefers, and Min Jee says she actually prefers her real name, since she doesn’t get to hear it out loud that often.

Dr. Nguyen asks what Min Jee would like to focus on. Min Jee recounts how three months ago, her older daughter began studying for the SATs and preparing for college applications. She and her daughter have not been getting along, and she doesn’t know how to bridge the gap to make their relationship better. Min Jee says she does go to temple and light incense, but has not been sleeping well. She often wakes up at night. 

Dr. Nguyen asks if she has tried calming meditative practices like reciting mantras and if Min Jee would like to try a mindfulness based cognitive therapy exercise.