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Understand the inclusivity of your team.

Inclusive care comes from beyond just lived experience in a clinician. Our cultural competence credentialing process gets to know your team using our proprietary framework. This unlocks the ability for your team to provide care for more culturally diverse patients.

Let's catalog your relevant education history

Using cultural competence data to power identity-centered care journeys.

Building trust with patients.

Better provider data.

Understand the competencies of your care delivery team beyond just lived experience, with insights like languages, education, and most importantly, cultural competence.

Antiracism in health care.

Personalized care.

Power your patient care routing with the knowledge of which communities your clinicians are best suited to serve.

Inclusive language.

Org-wide badging.

Let your patients know about the commitment to inclusivity your organization has pledged, and get even more patients.

Help your care team provide patients the care they need.

Better patient health outcomes with identity-centered care.

Cultural competence is a common concept but its definition, measurement, and effect remains fairly elusive. Most folks used lived experience as a proxy for cultural competence, which misses the mark on a large group of clinicians who are more than capable of providing great care.

That’s why Violet has standardized cultural competence, and credentials clinicians to unlock inclusivity. Violet uses this data to power identity-centered care coordination (when a patient can find the right care suited to all of their intersecting identities).

The proven power of our data.

We brought together 100+ behavioral health providers and tested our framework for measuring cultural competence. With the standardized data, we launched our first identity-centered care journeys for the LGBTQIA+ community, and the outcomes spoke for themselves:


Patient retention rate by the 8th session for a behavioral health organization.

When using our benchmarks to power identity-centered care, we found that 87% of patients were still seeing their chosen providers on day 60.


The industry standard rate.

Compared to the 30% industry standard, our results are almost 3X as strong.

Factors we measure in our framework.



We catalog providers’ relevant training, education, and research.

Inclusive language.

Cultural humility

We look at the communities in which clinicians have cultivated humility and cultural understanding.

Building trust with patients.


We take into account lived experience as well as work and volunteer experience.

Case study

Now, we're using our framework to help launch identity-centered journeys.

Read the case study for all the details.

Rich Mulry President and CEO, Northwell Holdings.
“Our collaboration with Violet advances the provision of identity-centered care by connecting patients with the most appropriate medical providers based on cultural competencies, addressing a significant gap in the current delivery of care.”

Rich Mulry

President and CEO, Northwell Holdings

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