Benchmarking cultural competencies.

The first step in delivering inclusive healthcare is understanding where your care delivery team is at on their journey of being culturally competent.

Violet benchmarks provider cultural competencies, allowing your patients to access the identity-centered care they deserve.

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Cultural competence impacts all parts of healthcare.

Cultural competence is a key part of building strong relationships, communication, and trust between patients and providers.

Understanding where each provider is at on their journey of delivering inclusive healthcare can be used to connect patients to the right provider for them. And, as you deliver identity-centered healthcare, patients cultivate greater trust in their providers, ask the questions they want to ask, seek the healthcare they need, and ultimately have better health outcomes.

Building identity-centered healthcare.

Violet's platform is helping healthcare organizations benchmark the cultural competencies within their care delivery teams and educating their teams to be more inclusive.

We use a combination of provider's identities, professional experiences, education and more to benchmark and recognize their cultural competencies. Our benchmarking results in awarding of tiered competency badges, enabling organizations like yours to launch identity-centered care journeys for your patients.