We’re benchmarking cultural competencies.

Understanding your care team's experience working with culturally diverse populations is the first step to delivering inclusive, identity-centered healthcare.

Violet benchmarks clinician cultural competencies so your patients can access the identity-centered care they deserve.

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Cultural competence impacts all parts of healthcare.

It’s key to building strong relationships, communication, and trust between patients and their care delivery teams.

Patients are looking for expert care and confidence that their clinical team can meet the specific needs of their identity, whether related to their race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, or a combination of these identities. Culturally competent care provides a welcoming environment for patients, which increases trust, communication, and can positively impact outcomes.

Building identity-centered healthcare.

Violet's platform not only helps healthcare organizations benchmark the cultural competencies within their care delivery teams, we’re also educating their teams to be more inclusive.

We collect information about your clinical team’s education, professional experience, training, and lived experience to benchmark and recognize their cultural competencies with culturally diverse communities. We award tiered competency badges, enabling organizations like yours to launch identity-centered care journeys for your patients. And, when clinicians want to gain cultural competence for treating specific populations, we connect them to the training they need. Learn more about our educational resources here.